Meadville Plating continues to stride for the highest quality and the best service possible. With more than 2,000 customers across the United States, MPC has earned a reputation of unsurpassed quality and service.


To assure the quality of the coating is the best it can be, you must begin with the plating bath itself. Meadville Plating employs a full time chemist that regularly monitors our plating solutions to maintain optimum chemical compositions. We believe this is the first step in providing our customers with the consistent quality they expect and deserve.

Quality Control

Meadville Plating maintains a rigid quality assurance system that is governed by our written Quality Assurance Program. Our inspection department is dedicated to making sure that only parts that meet our strict standards are allowed to ship.


Our entire staff is well aware of the value of the components we handle every day. Our Plating Technicians handle every part with the utmost care. Our shipping staff packages every order to insure against damage.

Environmental Policy

Meadville Plating has a strong commitment to the protection and well being of the environment, both inside and outside our facility. Meadville Plating is fully permitted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Stringent Pennsylvania and Federal air quality standards are met by utilizing the latest in air quality control equipment. All rinse waters are recycled and reused, resulting in a closed loop plating system which enables us to achieve zero rinse water discharge. Our on staff Environmental Manager has extensive experience in environmental and health and safety regulations. Meadville Plating has been and will continue to be committed to minimizing the risk to our employees and the environment.


About Meadville Plating

Meadville Plating specializes in plating for the precision tool and die, machine, and mold industries. Since 1969, we have been providing the highest quality hard chrome and nickel plating of molds, dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures.

With more than 2,000 customers across the United States, MPC has earned a reputation of unsurpassed quality and service. We are committed to continuous improvement and on-time delivery. Make Meadville Plating your source for the best in tool and die, mold, and repair plating. We hope to be of service to you, and welcome your questions or request for quote. Please take a moment to review our services.

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