Additional Services


Passivation is a chemical treatment of stainless steel material. During the machining process, free iron can be worn off the cutting tool and then transferred onto the stainless steel. This can result in a thin coating of rust. It is imperative to passivate the stainless steel to prevent stainless steel from rusting. Passivation specifications are followed (QQ-P 35 C & ASTM A 967) and a certification of compliance can be sent to the customer when requested.

Certifies to QQ-P 35 C & ASTM A 967

Zinc Plating

Zinc is one of the most requested coatings when corrosion protection is needed at a low cost. Zinc plating improves electrical properties, increases temperature resistance, and reduces abrasion and wear. Both rack plating and barrel plating can be done.

Certifies to ASTME 633-98

Electrodeposited Tin Plating

Electrodeposited tin plating is excellent for solderability, corrossion protection, improves wearability and is conductive. We have extensive experience in plating honeycomb shieldings.

Certifies to Mil-T-10727


Electropolishing is a reverse plating application in a concentrated acid or alkaline solution. When applying electrical current, a thin film forms on the surface of the part and the ions infuse through the film. The end result in electropolish is cosmetic improving the visual to the stainless steel. A brighter and improved surface finish is the end result with the process.

Black Oxide


Poly-Tec is a highly cross-linked polymer that when applied in conjunction with hard chrome thin dense chrome or electroless nickel plating’s provides an extremely lubricious and corrosion resistant surface.  See our Answers page for more information.