Answers at a Glance

Plating Thickness Range Hardness Rc Corrosion Resistance Used for Repairs Coefficient of Friction
Hard Chrome Flash / Smoke .00003 – .0004 68-70 Good No .15
Hard Chrome Buildup .0004 – .030+ 68-70 Excellent Yes .15
ARMTEC .00005 – .0001 70-72 Excellent No .12
MAP .001 – .100 + 40-50 Excellent Excellent .22
Poly-Tec .00005 – .0001 68-72 Excellent No .04
Nichro-Shield .0001-.001 68-70 Very Good No .15
Electroless Nickel High Phos. .00005 – .002 44-48
HT to High 60s
Better Than Low Phos Can Be .21
Electroless Nickel Low Phos. (Hard) .00005 – .002 56-62
HT to 68 – 70
Good Can Be .21
Duratec .00004-.001 56-58 67-68 HT Good Can Be .04
Nickel / Teflon® “Lubritec” .00005 – .001 48 – 59 Good No .05
Hard Coat Anodizing Type III Black and Clear .0007-.001 Surface and .0007-.001
Impregnate Approx.
Mid 60s Good No .7
Anodizing Type II Colored and Clear .0003-.0005 Surface and
Impregnate Approx.
54 – 56 Good No .7
Passivation Only Stainless Steel N/A N/A N/A N/A
Electropolish Only Stainless Steel N/A N/A N/A N/A

*Dry sliding friction coefficients vary depending on the surfaces characteristic of the two parts.

OD and ID Turning and Grinding

Specializing in the repair and manufacturing of cylindrical components shafts, spindles, rolls, rods, mandrels, pins and more single piece or production runs.


Meadville Plating has the capabilities to finish grind and machine to exacting specifications. Tolerances of .0002” are possible. Cylindrical grinder and lathe capacities of up to 20″ diameters and 87” in length and weight capacities of 1,200 lbs. allow us the ability to handle a large range of components. Our repair services have provided our customers with untold savings, both in time and money. Our machining department can also manufacture new cylindrical products or components to OEM specifications, by referencing an existing component or part drawings. In the majority of cases we can repair or manufacture your component at a greatly reduced cost when compared to the cost of OEM.

  • Repairs with Hard Chrome: Increased Service Life, Less Down Time, Lower Maintenance Costs and Less Hassle
  • Repairs with Hard Sulfamate Nickel: Machinable, Thick Deposits, Hard 48Rc., Excellent Corrosion Protection

Our ability to complete the entire repair process in house allows us to provide superior delivery and very competitive pricing.