Hard Chrome Plating

The advantages of Hard Chrome Plating

If you are in need of a high-resistance and low-friction plating option for your shafts, pins or other high wear components, consider utilizing the benefits that Hard Chrome Plating can provide. Many use Hard Chrome Plating because of its thick deposit, long-term wear and corrosion resistance. Combine these great qualities with Meadville Plating’s attending to detail and industry experience and you are sure to have a product with increased service life and lower maintenance costs down the road.

Why use Hard Chrome

Depending on how it is applied, hard chrome can be used for repairs and more. From a simple coat to increase a component’s resistance to buildup coating for salvage, hard chrome is sure to improve the efficiency and increase the life of your part.

Thick or thin Deposits – Hard chrome buildup can reach a thickness as high as .030 while a flash or smoke coating can be as thin as .00003. Here at Meadville Plating, we utilize conforming anodes and state-of-the-art rectification to insure uniform deposit thickness meaning you’ll have an even coat of chrome to protect the life of your pieces.

Reduced Friction – Application of hard chrome results in a hard surface, between 68-70 RC. Few metals can come close to the hardness of chrome. Additionally, its coefficient of friction is small, about .15, creating a lubricious surface with non-adhesive properties by providing release and reducing galling and abrasion. Plus, lower friction results in higher performance in any high-powered operation – with a lower risk of overheating.

Heat Resistance – Hard chrome can handle the heat, and even the cold, withstanding temperatures from -400 – 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. However, when temperatures reach above 1300 degrees, it will react to certain elements and compounds including carbon monoxide, sulfur vapor and phosphorus.

Satin or Matt Finish – Hard chrome reflects the appearance of its base. It is often polished and grinded down to match any ball bearing or sliding guide for a desired fit and finish.

Corrosion resistance – Hard chrome plating is ideal for products exposed to caustic elements. Because it is highly resistant to corrosion, it is expected to increase the wear of your products for years. It is perfect for high wear components such as shafts or pins.

Hard Chrome Applications

Meadville Plating provides three types of applications for hard chrome.

Flash – Flash applications help extend the life of you inserts, cavity blocks, injection mold components or laminates. Coating thickness ranges from .0001” to .0005”

Smoke – Similar to flash, this application increases the life of your product. Thickness ranges from .00005” or less.

BuildUp – Repairing a mismachined piece? Use hard chrome buildup for almost any high-wear components like moveable cores and pins. For heavier deposits, look into our MAP plating. MAP can be further enhanced with a coat of hard chrome.
Sometimes hard problems need harder solutions.

Meadville Plating’s attention to detail is why so many trust us with their hard chrome plating. Plus, Meadville Plating has in-house OD Grinding capabilities to pre-grind, hard chrome plate and finish grind any damaged cylindrical products or components to your exact specifications. Call us today to learn more about how our hard chrome can help you.