Type II Anodize (All Colors)

A sulfric acid bath, this coating can be done in a clear non-dyed appearance or numerous colors such as black, blue, gold, olive drab, red or green and are on hand at our facility. If requested, other colors are available. Type II Anodize is an aluminum oxidation process with a thickness of coatings ranging from .0003-.0005 penetration and .0003-.0005 build up.

  • Certified to Mil-A-8625
  • Numerous colors on hand
  • Dielectric surface coating
  • Selective plating can be achieved
  • Improves corrosion protection

Type III Hard Coat Anodize (Black and Clear)

Hard Coat Anodize is probably the most requested coating to prevent wear. This process forms a thick oxide coating (.001 penetration into the substrate and .001 build up). The hard coat process increases the hardness of aluminum and is non-conductive after coating.

Dielectric surface coating
Improves the appearance of aluminum
Improves abrasion resistance
Improves corrosion resistance
Very hard aluminum oxide coating 65RC
Selective plating can be achieved