Electroless Nickel

Electroless nickel plating is an autocatalytic chemical reaction of nickel deposits on a substrate in an aqueous solution. All of our baths are without electrical current, and the end result is a hard uniformed deposit. No matter the configuration of the substrate being plated, such as grooves, threads or deep bores, a uniform deposit will be achieved.

  • Certifies to MIL-C-26074, AMS-C-26074, AMS 2405, AMS 2404

High Phosphorous Nickel

If you need a hard coating with one of the best chemical make up for corrosion protection, this finish will perform well. It works extremely well in corrosive environments and is excellent in prolonging the life of molds from exposure to chloride gas and wear.

10-12% phosphorous
48-52 Rockwell on the C scale
Nearly 70 Rc can be achieved by post baking
Non magnetic properties
1600 R breakdown temperature
Plate to ASTMB 733-97
AMS 2404 C
Excellent for corrosion protection
Improves wear

Duratec (propreitary nickel base low coefficient of friction coating)

duratecThis newly developed plating is one of the finest in the tool and die, rubber and works extremely well for the plastic injection industry. A proprietary nickel base with a low coefficient of friction make up, makes it by far one of our most requested coatings. The coating is excellent on plastic molds and in applications that have wear and galling issues.

56-58 RC as plated
67-68 RC can be achieved by post baking at safe temperatures
Plating deposit from a flash to .005 thick
Plating deposits can be controlled to the nearest .0001
Excellent for wear applications
A uniform plating deposit
Very low coefficient of friction
Prevents galling
Excellent adhesion on almost all tool steels, beryllium allows and aluminum<
Breakdown temperature 1650-1790 degrees F


One of the best coatings offered by us. Lubritec’s chemical make up of nickel, phosphorous, Teflon and lubricity inducing polymers, aid in the release of plastic from the mold component, and also because of the presence of phosphorous and nickel, it is excellent for corrosion protection.

Co deposit of both Nickel and Teflon
Excellent for the release of plastic and rubber from the mold component
Plating thickness ranges from .000025 to .003 optimal deposit is .0003
Hardness is 48-52 rockwell and heat treatable to nearly 65 rockwell
Lubricoat can be plated on almost all tool steels, aluminum, copper and brass
Low coefficient of friction
Lubricoat can be chemically removed
Selective plating can be achieved
Excellent for corrosion protection

* Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont.