Hard Chrome Plating


Hard Chrome Plating has long been used to increase wear, reduce the coefficient of friction, provide corrosion resistance, provide superior release in mold applications and reduce galling and abrasion. In short, hard chrome will improve the efficiency and increase the life of the plated part. On shafts, pins and other high wear components, the benefit of chrome increases in proportion to the thickness of the deposit (up to approximately .004″ thick per surface). Whether it be build-up, smoke or flash chrome, our years of servicing the tool and die and mold making industry has given us the expertise necessary to supply the highest quality chrome plating available. At Meadville Plating, we utilize conforming anodes and state-of-the-art rectification to insure uniform deposit thickness. This, coupled with our attention to detail, is essential for achieving the quality Meadville Plating has become known for.

  • Deposit Thickness: .00002″ – .040″
  • Lubricity: Produces a hard, (approximately 68 Rc) lubricious surface. Coefficient of friction .15
  • Adhesion: Applied electrolytically, resulting in a superior bond to platings or coatings applied without the use of electricity (i.e. electroless nickel, etc.).
  • Heat Resistance: -400 to 1300 Fahrenheit. Above 1300 Fahrenheit it will react with carbon monoxide, sulfur vapor and phosphorus.
  • Appearance: Satin/Matt to SPI A1 finish. Chrome reflects the appearance of the base metal. It can be polished to achieve the desired finish.
  • Standards: Conforms with ASTM-B177, AMS-2438a (10/98), ASM-2406, QQ-C-320B Class 2 Type 1 & 2

Proven Applications

  • Flash (.0001″ – .0005″) and Smoke (.00005″ or less) Inserts, cavity blocks, core pins, cores and cavities, all injection mold components, extrusion molds, crimpers, slides and laminates.
  • Build-up for increased wear, repair and salvage Shafts, pins, moveable cores and slides and almost any high wear components. We are also able to apply chrome to carbide.
  • Machining: Meadville Plating has the in-house OD Grinding capabilities to pre-grind, hard chromeplate and finish grind damaged cylindrical products or components to exacting specifications.