Hard Sulfamate Nickel

hard-nickelMachinable Alloy Plating (MAP) is a ductile, electroplated, sulfamate nickel plating utilized for the repair and salvage of mis-machined and worn tool steel, copper or castings. One of the greatest attributes of MAP is that it can be machined, EDM’d or ground, and can be deposited in thicknesses ranging from a few tenths to .150″ (depending on the location to be plated). MAP is electrodeposited, resulting in superior adhesion to the base metal as compared to electroless applications. Meadville Plating’s MAP has been used by companies across the US and in Europe. Through the use of MAP, these companies have realized substantial savings compared to the cost to remanufacture worn, mis-machined or damaged parts. In the event of minimal design changes, MAP is often used to adapt an existing part to the desired specifications. For extreme wear applications, MAP can be finish machined and Meadville Plating’s hard chrome or ARMTEC applied to the finished part.

  • Deposition, Efficiency and Selective Placement: Map can be deposited from a few tenths up to .150″. Due to the high efficiency of our machinable alloy plating baths, we are able to deposit MAP into areas such as small ID’s, inside corners etc. Locations that are not feasible, or in many cases, impossible to plate with other types of plating. Our masking procedures allow us to be extremely selective as to the location or locations that will receive plating.
  • Hardness: 45 to 52 Rc.
  • Machining: Can be machined, EDM’d or ground without chipping or flaking. It is recommended that when grinding, a coolant should be used and special attention to relative speeds and feeds be observed when making final cuts. Meadville Plating will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the machining of MAP.
  • Plating Temperature: The maximum temperature a part is exposed to during plating is 220 F, eliminating the risk of warpage, annealing or heat sink.
  • Appearance: Polishable to SPI A1
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 700 F
  • Standards: Conforms with Mill Spec. QQ-N-290A Class 2, ASTM: B689-97 Machinable Alloy Plating

Proven Applications

  • Molds: Change draft angles, eliminate engraving, repair shut-offs, engineering design changes, etc.
  • Shafts: Build-up and repair wear surfaces.
  • Machine Parts
  • Castings
  • Almost any part that needs salvaged or repaired
  • Machining: Meadville Plating has the in-house capabilities to pre-machine, plate and finish grind or machine damaged cylindrical products or components to exacting specifications.

The next time you have a worn, mis-machined or damaged part, DON’T SCRAP IT, MAP IT.