Turning, Grinding, General Machining


New Fabrication

Meadville Plating’s highly trained machining department can manufacture new cylindrical products or components such as hydraulic components, pump shafts and numerous other items to your specifications. Cylindrical grinder and lathe capacities of up to 20″ diameters and 72″ in length and weight capacities of 1500 lbs. allows us to manufacture and repair a large range of different sized pieces.

Repair and Salvage

Meadville Plating has the in-house capabilities to machine, plate and finish machine or grind, damaged cylindrical products or components to exacting specifications. Our ability to apply our machinable alloy plating or hard chrome to a worn or mis-machined surface and re-machine to original specifications allows us to repair parts that would not otherwise be salvageable. When utilizing hard chrome for repair, the additional hard chrome applied to the part often times increases the life of the part two to three times over the original manufactured product. The fact that we are able to complete the entire repair process at one location allows us to offer superior turnaround at very competitive prices.