What is ARMTEC?

The benefits of Meadville Plating’s thin dense chrome

ARMTEC is Meadville Plating’s thin dense nodular chromium plating. As the name suggests, thin dense chrome is a thin layer of chrome coating and is compatible with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thin dense chrome is used by some of the largest companies in the country to coat high-speed moving components, cores, laminates, core pins and more because of the invaluable benefits it provides to your products.

What are the benefits to Thin Dense Chrome?

Thin Deposits – ARMTEC has a thickness of .00005 to .0001 that offers a minimal amount of surface coating. The thin coat reduces buildup around corners and edges and can be applied to interior surfaces for a close finish.

Improved Corrosion Resistance – Thin dense chrome has an extremely dense structure with no large crevices or openings or even micro-cracks that are often found in traditional hard chrome plating. Because of its density, it has excellent corrosion resistance.

Harder than Hard Chrome – Thin dense chrome has greater density and higher hardness than hard chrome. ARMTEC hardness is between 70-72 RC versus hard chrome at 68-70 RC. The harder surface area and natural lubricity of chromium creates a wear-resistant product that can hold up to friction.

Withstanding the Heat – ARMTEC can withstand temperatures from -400 to 1300 degrees.

Satin Finish – The plating process results in a smooth surface for an attractive satin finish.

When should you choose thin chrome plating?

ARMTEC is not used for repairs. Its thin layer is meant for tight tolerance parts where a large amount of plating isn’t possible. If you’re looking for a harder and lubricated coating, ARMTEC can help by increasing your cores’ or molds’ hardness but adding enough lubricity for release.

ARMTEC creates a thin, crack-free coat with a satin finish. This thin dense chrome plating improves the life of your product by permeating in the pores of steel – which can increase hardness by 10 RC.  With better resistance for corrosion and no buildup, cracks, chips or peels, thin dense chrome is perfect for mold cavities and other abrasive materials. Another bonus: ARMTEC can be used as a coating over Meadville’s MAP for extra protection and hardness.

Meadville Plating has over 30 years of experience coating thin dense chrome, specializing in tool and die, machine and injection mold-related plating. Our state-of-the-art rectification technology and proprietary plating bath chemistry produces a product superior to any competition. Call today and learn how our thin dense chrome can help solve your plating needs.