What is MAP? – The Benefits of Sulfamate Nickel

If you have a worn, mis-machined or damaged part, don’t scrap it – MAP it.

Machine Alloy Plating (MAP) has been used by companies around the world as the ultimate money saver for worn, mis-machined or damaged parts. As a ductile, electroplated, hard sulfamate nickel, it can be used to repair worn tool steel, copper or castings.

Sulfamate Nickel plating has numerous benefits – from great heat resistance to durability – but saving money is one of the top reasons customers choose MAP. Rather than buying new shafts or castings, or over plating it with a more expensive metal, Sulfamate Nickel is a thinly deposited nickel plating great for build-up coating when resurfacing damaged parts. With a thickness ranging from .001-.100+, you’re not overcoating your product – but repairing it to its exact specifications with little design changes.

There are more bonuses to MAP plating, but here are our top 5:

Why use sulfamate nickel?
1. The most machinable nickel plating. MAP can be machined or ground without chipping or flaking, allowing for multiple coats when plating damaged or worn parts.

2. High temperature resistance. During plating the maximum temperature reached is 220 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating any risk of warping, annealing or heat sink. Plus, your finished MAP plated product has a heat resistance of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Hardness to last through extreme wear. Sulfamate Nickel has a hardness between 45-48 Rc. If you need a harder surface, MAP can be further coated with hard chrome or Meadville Platings Armtec for extra protection.

4. Minimal design changes. If a bearing spun on a shaft and galled it, that might mean you have to toss it. MAP allows you to reach those impossible to reach areas – with minimal design changes to the overall product.

5. It’s great for repair work. Molds, shafts, machine parts, castings – almost any part that needs salvaged can be done using MAP.

Meadville Plating has the in-house capabilities to pre-machine, plate and finish, grind or machine damaged products or components to exact specifications. Have a few more questions regarding MAP and whether we can help salvage your products? Give us a call today at 814-724-1084.