Why Hard Sulfamate Nickel Coating Could be the Perfect Solution

For decades, heightened awareness of waste and scrap in the industrial sector has turned the focus to ways of repairing and salvaging damaged or worn parts. It’s not surprising that hard sulfamate nickel has risen to become the top choice of coating professionals nationwide at the same time. Meadville Plating’s Machinable Alloy Plating (MAP) capabilities take advantage of this superior process, delivering exceptional coatings that breathe new life into otherwise discarded parts. 

The strength of this coating process lies in the purity of plating materials and how they’re applied. Nickel coating has traditionally been applied in electroless baths, and usually makes up about 92% of the alloy. Hard sulfamate nickel coatings, on the other hand, are electrodeposited at an extremely high nickel density — up to 99.9%. The process is highly efficient and offers a wide variety of advantages and applications.

Hard Sulfamate Nickel’s Edge

Sulfamate nickel’s inherent properties are ideal for precision coating.

  • Corrosion protection: The consistency and high concentration of pure nickel ensures excellent resistance to caustic forces.
  • Adhesion: Hard sulfamate nickel tightly binds with the surface, offering extraordinary adhesion strength for added durability.
  • Machinability: The ductile coating doesn’t chip or flake while grinding, machining, or Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).
  • Hardness: The process of electrodepositing sulfamate nickel produces exceptional hardness.
  • Durability: Long-lasting and resistant to warping and stress cracking, hard sulfamate nickel plating holds up to punishing conditions.
  • Finish: Highly polishable, the coating can achieve a bright, pleasing shine.
  • Heat: The relatively low plating temperature eliminates potential damage from high heat, such as warping or heat sink. The resulting coating is resistant to temperatures up to 700° F.

The hard sulfamate nickel coating offered by Meadville Plating’s MAP process has been trusted by many due to the benefits it delivers.

  • High precision: Advanced masking techniques allow for selective and efficient coating of even the most irregular or complicated surfaces and shapes.
  • Less waste: Parts headed for scrap or disposal can be revitalized in ways previously unfeasible. Our highly efficient MAP process can be custom tailored to meet the most challenging salvage project.
  • Less cost: Hard sulfamate nickel plating is highly affordable compared to other less effective coatings.
  • Less maintenance: Time and money are saved through reduced maintenance of parts coated with hard sulfamate nickel. Its durability and flexibility across a variety of environments enable our clients to focus their time and resources on their customers and services.
  • Compliance to standards: Our Machinable Alloy Plating conforms to federal electrodeposited nickel plating specifications (QQ-N-290A Class 2, ASTM: B689-97 Machinable Alloy Plating). Meadville Plating takes great care to make sure our clients won’t have any part compliance issues after our job is done.

Whether plating worn parts, castings, molds, shafts, machine parts, or a build-up coating for restoration and repair, hard sulfamate nickel is a wise choice in coatings when it comes to strength, durability, appearance, and cost. It’s ideal for reducing waste and scrap, meaning streamlined budgets and a smaller environmental footprint. Meadville Plating’s MAP craftsmen take pride in their attention to detail. Passionate for delivering superior results, Meadville Plating customizes each project to meet your exact specifications.

Our experts are on hand to show you more about how hard sulfamate nickel coating and Machinable Alloy Plating can be the perfect fit for you. Contact us today and tell us about your project.