Why Work with Meadville Plating?

To repair or salvage worn and mismachined parts, tool and die molds or enhance your products wear or corrosion resistance, Meadville Plating is your source for quality service and on-time delivery. Specializing in tool and die, machine and mold industries, Meadville Plating has been enhancing and repairing molds and tools since 1969. Take a look at what we can do for you and learn why Meadville Plating is the best choice for high-quality repairs and coatings.

What We Can Do

Our service is nothing without our dedicated and knowledgeable team and our specialized tools, making repairs an entire in-house process.

OD and ID Turning and Grinding – We specialize in repair and manufacturing of cylindrical components such as shafts, spindles, rolls, rods, mandrels and pins. We have the capability to grind and machine to exact specifications while our machining departments can also manufacture new cylindrical products or components to OEM specifications.

Hard Chrome Plating – As a high-resistance and low-friction plating option, our hard chrome has long term protection that is apt for high wear components.

Artmec – Our thin dense nodular chrome is meant for tight tolerance parts to increase RC and overall lubricity.

MAP – The perfect repair material, our sulfamate nickel can last through extreme temperature and wear and can repair to exact specifications with little design change.

So much more – Our applications range further than what is listed here. Check out our additional services page to see what else we offer.

What Makes Us Different?

Our repair services have provided our customers with untold savings while our attention to detail and expert plating makes for a lasting service life – with lower maintenance down the road. We claim to be the best in repair and more and here is why:

Competitive Pricing – We can complete an entire repair process in house, but we also know our stuff. We promise to provide you with proper plating solutions for your molds, dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures so you can save money on repairs and further maintenance.

On-Time Delivery – Our repair solutions and in-house capabilities allow us to provide some of the fastest industry turnover – and with quick turnover comes proper care and handling. We know the value of your products and promise to provide the utmost care while in our shop – but also out on the road. Our shipping staff ensures against damage when packaging your product for delivery, so you’ll get your product when you need it and in better condition than when you gave it to us.

The Right Chemistry – Quality metal coating starts with the right plating bath. Our full-time chemist regularly monitors our plating solutions to maintain optimum chemical compositions, assuring consistent quality across all our products.

Commitment to the Environment – You’ll find a strong commitment to the protection of our environment both inside and outside our facility. Our closed loop plating bath system assures all rinse waters are recycled and reused while our air quality control equipment assures minimal air pollution from our facilities. We have an experienced environmental manager on staff and are fully permitted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

With more than 2,000 customers across the United States, Meadville Plating has earned a reputation of unsurpassed quality and service. We are committed to continuous improvement and on-time delivery. Make Meadville Plating your source for the best in tool and die, mold, and repair plating. Call us today to learn more about our services at 814-724-1084.